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Wedding Planner Putting Her Wedding Decisions To Public Votes

A US-based wedding planner and professional bridesmaid has taken a very unusual approach to organising her big day.

Jen Glantz, who runs Bridesmaid for Hire in New York, told the Daily Mail that after getting engaged, the whole wedding planning process completely overwhelmed her as soon as she had to make decisions about her own nuptials.

So she hit on a novel idea: set up a website and allow complete strangers to vote on every aspect of her wedding. After running it past her fiance, the couple started planning their wedding, with a bit of help.

Each month she releases new polls on her website - Finally The Bride - where she’s documenting the planning process. People have so far been invited to vote on everything from the budget for the wedding to what desserts should be served at the reception.

Ms Glantz said: “Putting it in the hands of others has made me calm because it’s right for me.”

She also said that she hopes her story can inspire other brides to do something similar if they’re finding the whole wedding planning process a little overwhelming.

Earlier this month, StyleCaster shared some advice on wedding planning from wedding and event planner Mindy Weiss, who was behind Justin Bieber’s wedding.

Ms Weiss told the news provider that brides shouldn’t feel as though they have to follow tradition and wear white if that doesn’t suit their personality. She also said that it’s essential to have a seating plan rather than a “free for all”.

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