• Sarah Shields

Sustainability ‘Key Factor In Wedding Dress Fashion’

Most brides-to-be look forward to the moment they can step foot in a wedding dress shop and try on every gown in the store till they find their ideal outfit. However, this could become a thing of the past, as more and more are prioritising sustainability when it comes to their wedding choices these days.

Instead of spending hundreds – or even thousands – of pounds on a new dress, there is a growing trend for pre-owned or vintage gowns.

Not only do they look beautiful, it means perfectly good dresses do not go to waste. According to The Wedding Report from Lyst, online searches for wedding dresses that have the word ‘vintage’, ‘second-hand’ or ‘pre-owned’ rose 38 per cent over the last year. In fact, an average of 19,000 searches for these terms were conducted every month.

Choosing a previously-worn dress allows brides to feel like they are having a positive impact on the environment, as they are not spending money getting a new gown made or buying one off the rack to only wear it for one day.

Of course, for some brides, this could even mean wearing your mum or grandma’s wedding dress on your Big Day, which would be a lovely personal touch – as well as your ‘something borrowed’.

As well as being the environmentally-friendly option, choosing a pre-owned dress is likely to be considerably cheaper than purchasing a new gown, meaning this could save couples lots of money on their wedding budget.

Many brides and grooms would welcome this after hearing the average cost of a wedding in the UK is £31,974.

The National Wedding Survey 2019 from Hitched reported that the price of getting married has jumped by 54 per cent in the last five years, climbing from £20,799 in 2014 to nearly £32,000 last year.

Sarah Allard, editor of Hitched, blames social media and the pressure of having a picture-perfect wedding for this increase.

“With Instagram becoming an increasing part of our day-to-day lives, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing our wedding planning couples – many of them millennials who have grown up with social media – looking to the platform to help inspire their day,” she stated.

Those who cannot find their ideal gown in vintage stores or from their friends and family are likely to consider a minimalistic dress instead.

Lyst reported that searches for timeless slip dresses rose by 64 per cent over the last quarter. Similarly, searches for white blazers and white jumpsuits increased by 19 per cent and 36 per cent respectively during this time.

This indicates more people are looking for outfits they can wear after their wedding day is over as well as on the Big Day itself.

Choose a dress without patterns, a flattering neckline and a simple skirt for a gown that will last years, so you can wear it to other fancy events in the future and get your money’s worth out of the ensemble.

Once you have decided on your special dress, do not forget to hire a photo booth in Kent so you can capture lots of pictures from your special day, including your breathtaking outfit!

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