• Sarah Shields

Party Inspiration: 007 Theme

The best thing about having a photo booth at your event is that its easy to customise it to a theme with a few choice props – so what's the concept of your big event going to be? Maybe you could take some inspiration from Joe Jonas, who just hosted a Bond themed 30th birthday, according to E Online.

But what, exactly, would a Bond themed birthday look like?


For those party guests who aren't a big fan of dressing up, something like a 007 theme is perfect, as it can just be composed of dressed up attire. Think elegant dresses and black tie suits – it's easy to dress up for the theme without feeling silly. However, if you've got some fancy dress lovers in your midst, there's some great, easy options. Jaws, with his metal teeth, is always a popular option, as is Dr. No with a bald cap and white cat and odd-job with his killer bowler hat.


For your playlist, you've got the full range of Bond songs at your disposal, from Shirley Bassey to Adele. The great thing about a Bond inspired playlist is that its eclectic, but well known – meaning there's something for everyone. Another popular entertainment option is to hire some casino games and create a Casino Royale themed night that's sure to go down a treat with guests.


Bond isn't known for eating or drinking anything much more than a Martini, shaken, not stirred. However, if you pick one of the films as a basis for your theme, such as aforementioned Casino Royale, it becomes much easier to theme food to the party. Failing that, opt for fancy mini bites that wouldn't look out of place at a refined dinner event.

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