• Sarah Shields

Great Spring Wedding Photo Ideas

Once you have got the band booked and LED dancefloor for your spring 2020 wedding then you will want to start sorting out photo lists.

Spring weddings are a fantastic opportunity to get some lovely photos to remember your big day with. Here are some shots you should make sure your photographer includes so you can remember your day fondly for years to come.


It’s a cliché but there is a reason that many cultures celebrate the arrival of spring blossom. Whether it is cherry blossom, apple blossom or any other blossom, it is the perfect symbol for a wedding and makes it clear exactly when you got married.

April showers

While the weather is getting warmer in the spring, a great way to remember the day without resorting to florals is to remember and celebrate the rain. Shots making the most of showers using transparent umbrellas and reflections from puddles are another great way to celebrate the time of year you got married.

Bright greenery

Verdant greenery is likely to be the most obvious feature of any spring wedding and you should make a feature of this in any pictures taken in a local beauty spot. Think of the time of day that the greenery looks brightest and see if you can time your photographs for then.

Single colours

To make this clear we mean head towards the daffodils and make them the focus. If your venue has a fantastic wisteria display, take some photographs there and really let the purple sing.

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