• Sarah Shields

Bride Staged Fake Wedding To Pop The Question

Best men often have a lot to think about to make sure their mate’s Big Day goes exactly as planned, but what one groomsman did not anticipate is his girlfriend turning up at the wedding to pop the question herself.

In fact, Aleasha Pilawa actually staged the wedding between two friends, so she could gather all her loved ones to watch the moment she walked down the aisle at the Capel Hotel and proposed to her boyfriend, mechanic Paul Schoproni.

Wearing a wedding dress, the 36-year-old bride sang the 1978 Motown classic It Should’ve Been Me as she walked towards her 40-year-old partner before getting down on one knee and asking him to marry her.

Despite Paul thinking it was a joke when the mother-of-three first entered the ceremony room, Aleasha, from Bargoed in Wales, had spent months organising their special day. Once he saw she was dressed in white and was singing their special song, he realised what she had been planning all along.

Speaking with Wales Online, she said: “For the last two years he’s proposed to me about 30 times a day… So I thought I’d finally put him out of his misery.”

As the entire ceremony came as such a shock to the now-groom, it is a good thing a member of the congregation decided to video the moment for the happy couple to keep forever.

Paul said: “Despite the fact I’ve probably watched the video a hundred times, I still can’t quite believe it.”

Of course, being unaware of the wedding, the groom did not have a part to play in organising the nuptials. However, if he had, he might have opted for a Bond-themed event, after singer Joe Jonas recently hosted a 007 30th birthday party.

With a James Bond wedding, you’d have a ready-made playlist, simply telling the wedding DJ in Kent to play all the classics from the legendary films.

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