• Sarah Shields

5 Top Tips For Setting Up An Exhibition Stand

When you’re at a trade fair or similar, it’s vital that you ensure your exhibition stand is eye-catching and attractive - or you’ll simply watch in horror as all your potential customers stroll past you, on the way to your competitor’s stand.

So what can be done? Trying to be as engaging as you can is always a good idea and one of the best ways of achieving this is by providing passersby with something fun and enticing - and what could possibly be better for this than photo booth hire?

You might not think it relevant to what you do but it provides a fun point of interest for your customers and there’s potential for serious social media activity where you could find your business tagged on sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Another tip to help you really stand out from the crowd (and exhibitions can be incredibly overcrowded affairs!) is to make sure that your branding is on point and instantly recognisable. You should make sure that your banners and so on are big, bold and bright, using short and concise words if possible so that people are stopped in their tracks.

You also need to make sure your stand is properly lit as this is key to attracting passing trade as well. You can use lighting very cleverly to create different moods and styles - and the use of angled light boxes at the entrance to your stand could help to draw people in closer.

And what about providing some sort of virtual reality offering as well? This is still relatively new technology and people will be interested in it - so see how you can tie this in to help make your stand more appealing.

Find even more ideas on the Eventbrite website.

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