• Sarah Shields

2020 Wedding Trends

Once you have your Kent photo booth hire sorted then you can start considering the following trends for your wedding.

Pinterest has released information on what it believes will be the biggest trends in 2020. Read on to find out more.


You may be wondering what these are. Basically they are the leaves of herbs and salad leaves cut when they are very small and used as a garnish. If you want to incorporate mircrogreens into your wedding you can use them to garnish any of the vegetable sides.

Pinterest has seen searches for this surge by 223% so this trend isn’t going away any time soon.

Garden rooms

While sitting around a fire has been a popular wedding past time for a while now, ‘Garden rooms’ are set to have a moment according to Pinterest as it has seen searches for this surge by 104%.

We are talking indoor plants, greenhouses and orangeries. See if you can find a venue with this on offer to stay bang on trend.

Home brewing

If you have time have you considered brewing beer for your own wedding? Craft beer has been very popular for a while, but you can add an extra dimension to your wedding by brewing your own. Searches on Pinterest are up by 411% so you guests may include a beer brewing aficionado or two.

It is legal in this country to brew your own and serve it, with no limits on how much you are allowed to serve.

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